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 Sirodhara is pouring of warm medicated oil or a herbal decoction on the forehead in a particular pattern. This is generally good for disorders of tridosha. Herbal oil, milk, ghee, or medicated butter milk may be used for various disorders. This is highly recommended for insanity, severe illness due to vata, chronic cold, sleep disturbances, hair problems, sinusitis, diseases of ear, eyes and etc.

Duration: Body Massage: 45 Minutes Sirodhara: 45 Minutes.

Pizhichil or Kayasekam


Pizhichi or savanga dhara or kaya sekam are technically the same. Pizhichil literally means squeezing. Here warm medicated oil is squeezed over the patient’s body from a piece of cloth that is periodically dipped in a vessel containing the oil. In this treatment oil is poured over the patient’s body from pitchers. Pizhichil is highly recommended to disease caused by vata – Pakshagatha (Hemi plaegia), paralysis, muscular spasms, other degenerative disorders that affects the muscles, rheumatic diseases like arthritis, nervous weakness, nervous disorders, sexual weakness etc.

Duration: 45-60 Minutes, depending on the body nature.

Podi kizhi or Choorna pinda sewda

It is a method of therapeutic sweating. The body is fomented thoroughly with linen bags containing drugs in powered form. Podikizhi improves peripheral blood circulation, also beneficial to improve the complexion of skin, detoxify the toxins accumulated as part of life style. Podikizhi has good effects in disease conditions like Sciatica, Lumbago, Arthritis, Spondylosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Post trauma and sports injury rehabilitation.  It is good for aliments to disrupted Vata and Kapha doshas.

Duration: 30-45 Minutes, Depending on body nature.

Dasamoola Ksheeradhara


In Dasamoola Ksheeradhara, steady stream of luke warm medicated milk is continuously poured over the body from a special vessel in a rhythmic manner with simultaneous body massage. This method strengthens tissues, nourishes skin and rejuvenates body. It is generally good for all vata, pitha disorders and to get an immediate relief from pain.

One day prior appointment is required for this treatment.

Duration: 45 Minutes.

Bashpa sweda

Bashpa sweda is the ancient form of sauna. It is a sudation therapy, herbal steam is provided all over the body. It helps in cleansing the body and to keep the skin fresh and energetic. Bashpa sweda is the best detoxification method.

Duration: 20 Minutes.

Ilakizhi or Pathra podala sweda


Pathram or Ila means leaf. Kizhi or podala or Pinda means bundle. It is a kind of sudation therapy using herbal leaves.  The mixture of chopped herbs, grated coconut, herbal mixtures etc is warmed in a pan smeared with medicated oil and then tied up in linen bundles to be used for fomentation. Prior to fomentation, body massage will be there. As sudation is the primary aim of fomentation, the kizhis have to be kept at a constant high temperature by warming every now and then. In rheumatic pains and associated swelling of joints, fomentation and massage with Ilakizhi brings relief. It is also beneficial to enhance the peripheral blood circulation, cleanse the channels of circulation and expel toxins through sweat.

 One day prior appointment is required for this treatment.

Duration: Body Massage: 45 minutes Kizhi: 45 Minutes.

Kati Vasthi

The central portion of body is called as kati. Vasthi implies a container. A small rectangle of black gram dough is made on the low back round the lumbo saccral area. After assuring that this is leak proof, luke warm herbal oil, which alleviates pain and strengthen bone tissue is slowly poured on to it. Kati vasthi is an effective therapy for low back pain and stiffness. For the severe conditions of sciatica, osteo arthritis of hip, as a samana treatment, kati vasthi is administered.

Duration: 30-40 Minutes, depending on body nature.

Njavara kizhi or Sashtika pinda sweda


Njavara kizhi is kerala’s unique contribution to Ayurveda, involves fomentation of body with bolus of cooked rice. Sashtika or Njavara, a particular kind of rice known for its nutritional value, is cooked in milk and herbal decoction made of sida rhombifolia. This treatment nourishes tissues, softens skin, enhances complexion, cures stiffness and is highly recommended for neurological disorders and atrophies.

Duration: Body Massage: 45 Minutes Kizhi: 45 Minutes.



This refers to administration of substances via the nasal passage to remove excess kapha dosha from head and supra clavicular regions. The nasal administration helps in correcting the disorders of emotional concepts. Nasya also helps rid the nose, sinus cavities, throat and head regions of accumulated toxins. Besides a general purification technique, nasya is specifically useful in treating the following disease conditions, sinusitis, laryngitis, tension and migraine head ache, otitis media, acne, allergic rhinitis, fatigue, laziness, anxiety etc.

Duration: 20-25 Minutes.


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