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Kerala Kalari Massage
Kerala kalari massage is the pioneer among the massages, intended to keep the body lean and taking away the unwanted fat and keeping the body well shaped. This therapy is done using feet.

Duration: 60 minutes. Steam bath: 15 minutes.
Rejuvenation Massage
Rejuvenation massage also called as Deha pushti Uzhichil, enhances the general circulation in the body and bestows enthusiasm and creativity. In this therapy, every part of the body is massaged in a special manner, so as to vitalize the internal organs.

Duration: 90 minutes. Steam bath: 15 minutes.

Ayurveda Relaxation Massage
Relaxation massage is a specially coined massage technique to alleviate body tiredness. As the name suggests, this therapy provides relaxation to the body as well as mind, to bring a total calmness as in meditation.

Duration: 60 minutes. Steam bath: 15 minutes.

Chakra massage
Chakra massage is one of the most profound experience that one can have. There are six chakras in human body, namely Mooladhara, Swadishtana, Manibooraka, Anahatha, Vissudhi and Ajna. Our healer, who is having profound knowledge in chakra, will drain the unwanted energies with counter clockwise actions and balance will be restored with clockwise actions. This massage will facilitate your connection with body’s wisdom, stimulates immune system, relaxes and excites entire body and mind.

Duration: 75 minutes.

General Uzhichil
Uzhichil also called as Abhyanga Ushma swedam is a traditional kerala ayurveda therapy, which strengthens the tissues and promotes the biological fire, regenerating and rejuvenating the body. This special technique is very effective in strengthening the muscular system of the body.

Duration: 45 minutes. Steam bath: 15 minutes.

Udvarthanam is massage with special medicated powder, either mixed with oil (Sugha Udvarthanam) or as such (Gada Udvarthanam) in upward direction. The purpose of this therapy is to burn down the fat, break cellulite and strengthen the deep tissues and to drain the lymph so as to improve blood circulation. 

Duration: 45 minutes.

Head and Shoulder Massage
This therapy concentrates deep tissue massage on the vital parts of the body in Head, Neck and Shoulder regions, to alleviate pain and strain, so as to get a proper relaxation.

Duration: 30 minutes

Pada Abhyangam
All organs have a specialised function reaching the leg. So the pada abhyangam (Leg massage) is equivalent to the whole body treatment.

Duration: 30 minutes

Special Spine care massage
A specialised massage technique with specially formulated herbal oil, giving  care to spine. Highly recommended to those people who are working long time on computers, frequent travellers and those who are having cervical and lumbar strains.

Duration: 45 minutes

Mugha kanthi lepam (Face massage and Herbal face pack)
Mugha kanthi lepam is a classical herbal therapy to give fair, clear and shining texture colour and complexion to face skin. It is also beneficial to remove sun tan, dark circles and minor wrinkles in face. It is a four step procedure.

Duration: 45 minutes


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